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The key difference between a qualified building surveyor and a quack surveyor lies in their level of expertise, credentials, and adherence to professional standards. A qualified building surveyor has obtained the necessary education, training, and certifications in the field of building surveying. They possess in-depth knowledge of construction regulations, building codes, and industry best practices.

Confidence in Hiring a Qualified Building Surveyor

Their qualifications and licensing ensure that they have the competency and expertise to provide accurate assessments, inspections, and advice related to building projects. On the other hand, a quack surveyor needs to have the necessary qualifications, credentials, and professional standing. They may need more proper education, training, and understanding of building regulations.

The Threat of Hiring a Quack

Engaging a quack surveyor can be risky as their assessments and advice may need to be more reliable, leading to potential legal and safety issues. It is important to always verify the qualifications and credentials of a surveyor to ensure that you are hiring a competent and trustworthy professional.

The Benefit of Hiring an Expert Building Surveyor like Kyrillos Ghaly

Building surveyors, such as Kyrillos Ghaly, can be crucial in resolving disputes and conflicts that may arise during a construction project. Here’s an expansion of this point:

Expert Witness

Building surveyors possess extensive technical knowledge and expertise in the construction industry. In a dispute, they can act as expert witnesses, providing professional opinions and factual information related to the project. Their expert testimony carries weight and can help in the resolution of conflicts. For example, suppose there is a disagreement regarding the quality of workmanship or compliance with building codes. In that case, Kyrillos Ghaly can assess the situation, provide an unbiased evaluation, and present his findings as an expert witness. This can assist in resolving disputes by providing objective evidence and supporting fair decision-making.

Mediation by Your Private Building Surveyor in Sydney

Building surveyors can also act as mediators, facilitating communication and negotiation between parties involved in the conflict. With their technical expertise and impartiality, they can help bridge the gap between different perspectives and find mutually agreeable solutions. For instance, if there is a disagreement between the client and the contractor regarding project specifications or delays, Kyrillos Ghaly can analyse the situation, mediate discussions, and propose alternative options or compromises. By acting as a neutral third party, he can assist in finding common ground and resolving conflicts fairly and satisfactorily.

Technical Evaluation

Building surveyors can conduct thorough assessments and evaluations of construction-related issues in dispute resolution. They can examine the project documentation, inspect the site, review contracts, and analyse relevant data to understand the dispute comprehensively. This technical evaluation helps identify the root causes of conflicts and provides a basis for proposing practical solutions. For example, there is a disagreement over the adequacy of structural components. In that case, Kyrillos Ghaly can evaluate the design, construction methods, and materials to determine whether they meet the required standards. His technical assessment can assist in clarifying the facts and guiding the resolution process.


Building surveyors are experts in maintaining impartiality when resolving disputes. They do not have a vested interest in the outcome of the conflict and can provide objective assessments and recommendations. This impartiality helps build trust among the parties involved and ensures that the resolution process is fair and unbiased. Kyrillos Ghaly’s role as an impartial mediator or expert witness allows him to focus on finding equitable solutions that consider all stakeholders’ interests.

Legal Support by the Best Building Surveying Services

Building surveyors can collaborate with legal professionals in complex disputes to provide technical support and expertise. They can assist legal teams in understanding technical aspects, preparing documentation, and presenting evidence. By working closely with lawyers, building surveyors like Kyrillos Ghaly can contribute to developing strong legal arguments and help achieve favourable outcomes in disputes.

Kyrillos Ghaly

Resolving disputes and conflicts is essential to maintain positive working relationships, avoid costly litigation, and ensure the successful completion of a construction project. By engaging a qualified and experienced building surveyor like Kyrillos Ghaly, you can benefit from their expertise in conflict resolution, technical knowledge, and impartiality, leading to fair and effective resolutions.

Best RBS Building Surveyor in Sydney

Being a leading RBS Building Surveyor in Sydney, Kyrillos Ghaly is a professional building surveyor who offers a range of services related to building inspections, compliance, and consultancy. RBS stands for “Regulatory Building Solutions,” indicating their focus on ensuring that construction projects meet regulatory requirements and standards. They provide their expertise to various stakeholders in the construction industry, including architects, builders, property owners, and developers.

RBS Building Surveyors at City Plan Services by Kyrillos Ghaly

When you hire Kyrillos Ghaly for Risk Breakdown Surveys, you are at the right location for your construction project.

Building Inspections

He can conduct thorough inspections of buildings at different stages of construction to assess compliance with building codes, regulations, and approved plans. These inspections help identify any potential issues or non-compliance and ensure that the construction meets the required standards.

Compliance and Certification

Assisting clients in obtaining necessary permits, approvals, and certifications from relevant authorities. This includes ensuring compliance with building codes, fire safety regulations, accessibility standards, and other applicable regulations.

Due Diligence and Pre-Purchase Inspections

Kyrillos Ghaly is an expert in conducting inspections and assessments of existing buildings to identify structural or compliance issues. These inspections are often conducted before property purchases or as part of due diligence processes.

Building Code Consultancy

He can provide expert advice and guidance on building code interpretations, regulatory compliance, and design considerations. This helps clients navigate complex regulations and ensure that their projects meet the necessary standards.

Access Consultancy

Advising on accessibility requirements and solutions to ensure that buildings are inclusive and accessible for all individuals, including those with disabilities.

Dilapidation Reports

Assessing and documenting the condition of neighbouring properties before and after construction projects to protect the interests of all parties involved and prevent potential disputes.

RBS Building Surveyors in Sydney strive to assist their clients in achieving regulatory compliance, ensuring the safety, quality, and integrity of construction projects. They work closely with clients to provide tailored solutions, support efficient project management, and help mitigate risks associated with non-compliance or building defects.