Building Surveyor

Kyrillos Ghaly is one of the leading building surveyors with qualifications from well-known Australian institutions and relevant experience. His area of expertise includes the design process and project management support, and he can conduct inspections to get certifications and approvals. He can help resolve disputes and conflicts and play a crucial role in creating a safe, efficient, and successful construction project. He is your trusted partner for ensuring legal compliance, minimising risks, and achieving high-quality results. If you want assurance that you construction project adheres to these legal requirements, he is your guy. He is helping to prevent any legal issues or complications that may arise due to non-compliance.

Building Surveyor at City Plan Services

Qualified and Experienced Surveyor

A qualified and experienced surveyor possesses the expertise and knowledge necessary to accurately assess and evaluate various aspects of a given property or land. With a deep understanding of land measurement, topography, and construction principles, Kyrillos Ghaly can conduct thorough surveys to gather precise data and information. You will get a qualified and trained building surveyor equipped to identify potential issues, such as property boundaries, structural integrity, and compliance with regulations.
Moreover, he is experienced in the field, enabling him to offer valuable insights and recommendations to clients, facilitating informed decision-making in real estate transactions, construction projects, or property development. A qualified and experienced surveyor’s attention to detail, analytical skills, and technical competence make him an essential resource for ensuring accurate assessments and reliable guidance in the surveying industry.